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Freedom Of Speech

I will no longer be posting or reading posts on my personal Facebook or Twitter. The censorship and "cancel culture" of these social media platforms is contrary to the American values of liberty and freedom of speech.

Unfortunately, since Facebook and Twitter have a virtual monopoly on social media, they are the only way to attract new visitors to our websites and to announce that new material has been posted to our websites. Thus, I have little choice but to post to our Facebook and Twitter Business Pages in order to bring more visitors to our websites and the websites of others that we host on our web servers.

From The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

What's at stake here is the ability of one platform that serves as a forum for the speech of billions of people to use its enormous power to censor speech on the basis of its own determinations of what is true, what is hateful, and what is offensive.

Given Facebook's nearly unparalleled status as a forum for political speech and debate, it should not take down anything but unlawful speech, like incitement to violence. Otherwise, in attempting to apply more amorphous concepts not already defined in law, Facebook will often get it wrong. Given the enormous amount of speech uploaded every day to Facebook's platform, attempting to filter out "bad" speech is a nearly impossible task. The use of algorithms and other artificial intelligence to try to deal with the volume is only likely to exacerbate the problem.

If Facebook gives itself broader censorship powers, it will inevitably take down important speech and silence already marginalized voices.

From The New York Post:

These companies are increasingly dictating what their users should and should not see and believe. They are kicking out good users and taking down countless harmless posts, pages and groups simply for asking questions or presenting opinions that differ with those from the company's executives and authorities. This widespread censorship of ideas would make George Orwell dizzy and runs counter to the whole purpose of social networking.

When the internet and the web came into being it gave each of us the chance to have our own platform, to be our own writers and editors with no censorship by anyone. We could each create our own websites without being under the control of others. It was true freedom of speech.

But then Facebook and Twitter came along and many people have given up on creating their own websites and instead put themselves under the thumbs of Facebook and Twitter. I've even seen many individuals and businesses delete their websites and just point their Domain Names to their Facebook Pages giving up their freedom of speech and turning their editorial control over to these social media giants. I think this trend is in a very bad direction.

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I used to "Check In" and upload photos and videos to my personal Facebook page from wherever my wife and I went. I stopped doing that in early 2020. Instead I now "Check In" wherever we go by posting photos, videos, and comments to my own web page at Please feel free to click on that link to visit that page to see what we've been up to since early 2020. I share that page with family and friends, and now with the visitors to the websites that I manage.

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