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Non-Duality For Puppets

Perfect Analogy.

What are puppets?

They are not separate from the puppet master at all.

We have a faulty view of puppets.

We look at them as separate individuals under the control of someone else.

But in reality they are that someone else.

What do the puppets seek?

Maybe you think that some puppets seek enlightenment, unification with "the one".

But you can see they are already the one.

They are the puppet master are one and the same.

They may say they are seeking enlightenment, but who is really talking?

It may seem the puppets are talking, but who is really talking?

Is this a book about how the puppets can find "enlightenment" and become one with the puppet master?

No. As you can see, they are already one with the puppet master.

There is no need to tech them that.

There is certainly no need to teach this to the puppet master.

He already knows that he and the puppets are one. He has no need for enlightenment.

So what is this book?

Hopefully it is just a book that the puppet master can read through the eyes of the puppets and find entertaining.

There is nothing here the puppet master doesn't already know.

It is really nothing more than notes written by the puppet master himself through the eyes of the puppets, which are nothing more than his own hands and eyes.

Matrix and The Thirteenth Floor got me thinking.

There is something more than the reality that meets our eyes.

But their answers were to simplistic.

Escaping the pseudo reality, they just presented more of the same.

Another reality just like the one they were supposedly escaping.

-- Brian William Drisko, 11-Aug-2010 1656

I've seen a lot of anologies used to try to explain non-duality. Many of them are pretty good, but they all fall short in one way or another.

There is one analogy that I seem to really like and I think comes the closest to helping to try to understand non-duality. That is the analogy of puppets and their puppet master.

This analogy may turn you off. But the reason it probably turns you off is the same reason that creates the illusion and confusion of our individual identities.

The analogy that I shall explain is strictly limited to the original definition of a "puppet master". That is, one person who is a master of putting on a show with two puppets at a time, with each of his hands controlling one puppet. If more puppets are to be involved in the show, then only two puppets can be shown at a time since the puppet master only has two hands. I am not talking about productions that involve multiple puppet masters and a great multitude of puppets such as Sesame Street and the like. Think of just a single puppet master putting on a show with his own two hands.

We generally have a very negative connotation about puppets when that analogy is applied to real people. If we say that someone is a puppet of another, we immediately assume that person is being controlled by some other person.

But is that really what a puppet is?

Think about it for a moment. Think about when you watch a puppet show. Is the puppet really a slave to the puppet master? Or, is the puppet and the puppet maser really one and the same individual? Are the words you here from the puppet really from the puppet, or really from the puppet master himself? Does the puppet really exist as a separate individual? Or is the puppet nothing but a manifestation of the puppet masetr and one and the same individual as the puppet master?

And if the puppet master is putting on a show with two puppets in conflict, are they really in conflict? Who really are the two puppets? Are they not just the right and left hand of the puppet master with all their actions being 100% the actions of the puppet master himself?

Are the puppets really the "slaves" of the puppet master, or are they really part of the puppet master himself with no difference at all between their actions and the actions of the puppet master? Do the puppets have any thoughts or intentions of their own beyond what the puppet master intends for them?

If we feel the puppets are "controlled" by the puppet master, is there really any way to liberate them other than to cut off the hands of the puppet master? And if we did that, would the puppets then do anything more than just lay lifeless on the floor?

This is where the confusion of our individual lives can be discovered. We are designed to all seem like separate beings, but we are not. We are all part of the one. For the show to be entertaining, we all have to seem like we are separate individuals, but we are not.

-- Brian William Drisko, 12-Aug-2010 1720

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