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Non-Duality Quotes For Barbara

Some quotes that I thought would be of interest to Barbara.

The ego thinks that the character, the person, should become worthy. And the crazy thing is that it never will become worthy because it doesn't need to be worthy, because it is already divine.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 101

In presence what you are is divine -- including all the things that the mind thinks are neurotic or unworthy. Those things are divine. All those knobbly bits are divine and can be there forever. It just so happens that once there is an opening to what you are, then those neurotic things tend to go to sleep, to fade away. They don't have the same power that they did. However, that is a secondary occurrence.

But what we are discussing has nothing to do with becoming anything or being worthy. What you are, right now, is perfectly appropriate ... the divine play.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 102

Unworthiness is something we grow up with -- that's part of the drama. We grow up, most of us, feeling unworthy about being able to deal with the world, and feeling unworthy in ourselves in comparison with the perfect images we project. Even in the ordinary world we have all these images of other people who seem to be better than us. And when we come to this sort of thing, of course, we feel even more unworthy. We look at people like Ramana Maharshi and say, 'Well, I can never be like that'.

It's all a way of avoiding the actual reality, and that is that what we are is beyond who we think we are or are not. There is no way that anybody has to be more intelligent, more sensitive ... What you are is the one, the absolute, the presence, the immaculate conception.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 103

The ways in which we've made this 'me' more and more powerful are through hope and effort and failure and hope again, and the great illusion of there being a reward. 'If I work hard, then something will come back. It must be like that because my mother told me that'.

Look at people in the world -- like filmstars or footballers -- who make a real effort and apparently succeed. The footballer trains and trains and gets a huge amount of money and a big car and people clap and shout ... It seems like he's got something. But what he is doing is trying to fill a shopping basket which has a hole in the bottom. There is never enough.

Everybody in a way is trying to fill that shopping basket, even in a negative way. The victim wants to fill it with attention -- 'Love me -- I'm a victim'. But there is never enough because there is always the seeker. There is always the one who thinks that something else is needed. All the money in the world and all the fame is never enough, because always there is a seeker, longing for that which is beyond his grasp. Everyone in the world is a seeker, and seeking iis bolstered by the illusion that there is a reward.

Of course, the other thing is that whatever we aim for in the world, there is always some sort of dependence on an object; we are always chasing the object. Somewhere we know it will never fulfill uss, because we know that the final fulfilment is totally without dependence.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 161

Until I recognize who I really am, my life can be largely driven by that which I fear.

... if I fear ordinary I try to be special.

If there is present awareness, fear is seen clearly as an abstraction ... a future anxiety born from memory's blueprint. If the story that engenders the fear is dropped, I discover that all I am left with is a physical sensation which is raw and alive. Now it ceases to overrun me and quietly takes its place in existence. It is the same with physical or emotional pain. When I cease to own it I liberate myself from its bondage and see it simply as it is.

If I cease to label suffering as bad, and mine, it is possible to allow it simply as energy in a certain form, and it can then begin to have its own flavour which can take me deeply into preseence.

The nature of suffering is that it speaks deeply to me of another possibility. By desiring pleasure and avoiding pain I chop in two the very root of that possibility.

In presence there is no becoming, no attachment to a goal. I see that I no longer have to achieve any standard or behave in a certain way in order to become worthy.

-- Tony Parsons in The Open Secret, pg 37-39

My thinking creates time and time creates my thinking. Within time thinking I maintain my illusory sense of self-identity and separation ... I think, therefore I continue.

My thinking in time, in the main, graspps and divides, continuously producing ideas of progress towards satisfacttion or calamity. It disturbes and speaks of order and makes promises and speaks of destruction.

My time thinking moves backward and forward over a sea of memories and projections from a place I call myself.

-- Tony Parsons in The Open Secret, pg 41

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